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Superheater/ Reheater /Economizer Weld Overlay

Pourin is specialized in offering automatic weld overlay process for boiler corrosion and erosion protection, which can help operators or owners of power plants to reduce high maintenance cost. Good solution to replace tube shields for boiler critical components such as Superheater /Reheater/Economizer, anti-corrosion and anti-erosion.


  • Details
  • ●Capacity:3500 m2/month

    ●Cladding Metal:Inco622, Inco625, Inco686, C276, 72M, ER309L, PW-200, PW-300, PW-400, PW-500 etc

    ●Base metal:

            GB: 20G, 15CrMoG,12Cr1MoVG,

            ASME/ASTM: SA210-A1/C, SA213-T11/ T12/ T22/ T91/ TP304/ TP347/TP310HCbN

            EN: 16Mo3,P235GH etc

    ●Cladding THK:≧ 0.8mm

    • Reheater Cladding
    • Economizer Cladding
    • Superheater Overlay Welding
    • Reheater Overlay Welding
    • Economizer Overlay Welding

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